What to consider before swimming pool installation:

If you’re going to be installing an inground pool it’s important that you are preparing accordingly. You’re going to need to find experts in your area and you will need to make a series of decision about the pool that you’re going to install. Inground pools can be an excellent option for many homes because they add the maximum value the pool can provide. Invisioning the path that the inground pool is going to take inside your backyard and testing out your cannonball skills are some great first steps but understanding the process of installation can ease your mind moving forward. Here are some of the top considerations that you need to make before swimming pool installation:

How will you get into the pool?

Choosing your entryway for the pool can be an important first step on how the pool will be installed. It’s quite popular to choose drop-in steps or ladder for your inground pool but this can often require an extra lead up inside your pool and change the configuration of the deep end or shallow and. Molded plastic or concrete steps can change the price of your pool installation but it’s often best to choose an option that provides accessibility for added safety. Consider the area of the pool that you would like to face your home, where you’d like the shallow and to be and how you will access your pool.

Pumps and jets:

As well as considering the overall configuration of your pool you’ll need to determine which way that you’re going to circulate water. There’s returns and jets that will circulate the water inside your pool and keep the water clean. Good circulation insures proper filtration and it will make sure that the algae will not form inside your pool. Proper placement of your steps can be important as you could be tracking in extra dirt and debris that could overload your jet system. Speaking to a professional about which types of jets and returns would be well-suited to your yard configuration and the pool shape you like can put you down the path of finding the ideal shape and pump method for you.

Some ledges and decking:

The decking around your pool will also change the way that you enjoy the pool area. The advantage of an inground pool is that you can pour various concrete decking and add areas along the deck that can improve the surrounding environment giving you plenty of places to tan and dry off. Tanning ledges are a great example of how you can change the decking style and these ledges fit into 2-3 inches of water and give you a great way to stay in the water while still enjoying the sun. Some ledges sit in 8 to 12 inches of water giving you a ledge for furniture and other configurations for tanning.

Swim out configurations:

There’s also the option for swim out configurations to accommodate a variety of seating. These sections can even include jets and act almost like small hot tubs within your pool. These are configurations that can be added into an in ground pool installation and give you a far greater versatility with the pool do you create. Different types are available and you can choose the types of jets and seating that will suit your needs.


The colors for your decking, liner and more will dictate the overall look and feel of your pool. If you have a specific vision in mind such as a tile overlay for your pool, you can often get a number of fun effects that can be placed throughout the pool area. Speaking to your installer about the way that your pool can be customized is a great way that you can enjoy more features with the pool and its colors. Most homeowners choose a standard liner or color for their pool configuration.

If you would like to learn more about the process of pool installations or begin planning your future pool installation, contact us today to learn more.

6 Tips For Buying And Selling A

Most people say timeshare is a good investment, but they cost a lot of money. One can buy a timeshare from a company, owner, or right from a resort. And you also have the option to sell the timeshare on your own or opt for a company and a broker to help you with the process. According to research, buying the timeshare directly from an owner has more benefits and helps you save money.

Let us discuss some of the tips for buying and selling the timeshares.

Buying a timeshare

1.     Omit the developers

When you buy a timeshare from the owner directly and not the development company you can save a lot of money. People can find a variety of resale sites to help connect with sellers.

2.     Try to pay in cash

Unlike a traditional mortgage the timeshare mortgage loans run higher between 12 to 18 percent. Over the years, the timeshares depreciate in value, and so one should try to pay in cash during the resale.

3.     Buy a timeshare if you intend to keep it

One should keep in mind that when buying a timeshare, it does not appreciate but depreciate over time. Hence one should buy it with a mentality to keep it. People hardly get more than the purchase price and often fail to sell it. Hence, before the purchase, try to gain as much knowledge as possible.

Selling a timeshare

1.     Sell the timeshare from where you bought

Many timeshare companies have a resale program available. And many companies provide you with a list of buyers who might show interest. Hence when selling the timeshare, start from where you bought it.

2.     Sell your timeshare to other owners.

When you plan to sell your timeshare as the company who has the “interval” in it before or after you, try to sell the timeshare to those owners. They would show interest in buying it and extend their stay.

3.     Be aware of scams

During the tough economic time one can expect to witness many scammers. Do your research before you sell your timeshare to any individual or company. This will help you avoid scammers.

Show I pass my timeshare to my kids?

Timeshare is not deeded to you. One just receives a deed for the share of the property. If you want to pass down the timeshare to your children, meet up with an attorney, and discuss the pros and cons. This will help you avoid probate.

The Reopening Of Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek With New Guidelines

Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek property near Disney Springs was temporarily closed. However, the resort has opened its doors for guests, owners, and staff. Hold that thought! Perhaps, the property is only open for a small percentage of people. New guidelines and protocols have been implemented.

The resort is approaching the reopening in phases. Only 25% occupancy is allowed and only the owners of the vacation club have access the property. In the six-week lockdown, the property used the time to renovate the splash pad and pool deck. This has been a good break for property owners as they are able to redo the interiors and fix the damaged parts.

The new guidelines are in sync with CDC. Here’s a quick look at the guidelines that are being abided by the vacation club owners.

  • There is a new check-in service where guests will head to the curb side.
  • Taking a splash in the pool is in everyone’s to-do list. Guests have to take pool reservation before dipping into the pool.
  • In crowded areas, there are hand-washing mechanisms. Guests can keep their hands clean after human contact.
  • The elevators will no longer be crowded. Only limited people can use the elevator at one time.
  • The resort staff is wearing the essential gear to protect themselves and the guests. They wear masks.
  • Food and beverage facilities have not reopened. This shall take some time. In phase one, the arcade will remain closed.
  • In case owners are staying at the property, grocery delivery is there for cooking in the kitchen.
  • The entire property has signs and stickers that promote/endorse social distancing.

Overall, all the effective measures are being taken to protect the staff and club owners. Holidaying may not be as free and fun before, but it is a good change of scenery. Perhaps in second phase, there will be lesser restrictions.

As of now, the world has to be extra careful. Club owners can prepare their own meals in the kitchen. Kitchen facility is there for all those who wish to enjoy the getaway and eat home-cooked meals. The 25% occupancy policy is just a way to reduce the gathering of people. That’s precisely how we need to approach holidays and getaways till the world creates a vaccination against the deadly virus.