The Reopening Of Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek With New Guidelines

Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek property near Disney Springs was temporarily closed. However, the resort has opened its doors for guests, owners, and staff. Hold that thought! Perhaps, the property is only open for a small percentage of people. New guidelines and protocols have been implemented.

The resort is approaching the reopening in phases. Only 25% occupancy is allowed and only the owners of the vacation club have access the property. In the six-week lockdown, the property used the time to renovate the splash pad and pool deck. This has been a good break for property owners as they are able to redo the interiors and fix the damaged parts.

The new guidelines are in sync with CDC. Here’s a quick look at the guidelines that are being abided by the vacation club owners.

  • There is a new check-in service where guests will head to the curb side.
  • Taking a splash in the pool is in everyone’s to-do list. Guests have to take pool reservation before dipping into the pool.
  • In crowded areas, there are hand-washing mechanisms. Guests can keep their hands clean after human contact.
  • The elevators will no longer be crowded. Only limited people can use the elevator at one time.
  • The resort staff is wearing the essential gear to protect themselves and the guests. They wear masks.
  • Food and beverage facilities have not reopened. This shall take some time. In phase one, the arcade will remain closed.
  • In case owners are staying at the property, grocery delivery is there for cooking in the kitchen.
  • The entire property has signs and stickers that promote/endorse social distancing.

Overall, all the effective measures are being taken to protect the staff and club owners. Holidaying may not be as free and fun before, but it is a good change of scenery. Perhaps in second phase, there will be lesser restrictions.

As of now, the world has to be extra careful. Club owners can prepare their own meals in the kitchen. Kitchen facility is there for all those who wish to enjoy the getaway and eat home-cooked meals. The 25% occupancy policy is just a way to reduce the gathering of people. That’s precisely how we need to approach holidays and getaways till the world creates a vaccination against the deadly virus.